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Clearing The Chakra's Using EFT


Annie is a Chakra and Healing trainer and tutor. This day shows you how to to clear and balance your chakra system using EFT. EFT is a powerful and simple method of energetic healing, when we combine it with the intention to balance and clear our chakras it is a very powerful tool.
The human body thrives when our chakras are open and our life force energy flows though our system unimpeded but when our chakras are blocked or unbalanced we will feel “off” unbalanced and may be ill frequently.
It is key to know how our energy system is working and how to balance it. Using EFT through the chakras, uses EFT in a dynamic way clearing out old patterns of behaviour and emotions that may be blocking our chakra system. On the day we go through one chakra at a time applying EFT, from the Root to the Crown Chakra, Annie will explain what the relevance and meaning of each chakra is, and the related illness’ associated with each chakra before we work on clearing it.

Annie Penny Biography 


Annie is a qualified practitioner in Healing, NLP, Counselling, Hypnotherapy and EFT.
She holds a Diploma in Integrated techniques and the certificate of working with people with cancer from Bristol cancer care. She has also studied Meta Medicine.
She is a Master Trainer in EFT for EFT International and has been a healing tutor for the guild of healers and is a guest tutor on the healing accreditation diploma at the College of Psychic studies, London
She has worked in clinics, hospices and cancer care centres around the UK

Registered member of: CHO, EFTi, MBNLP


Clearing the Chakras Using EFT - Cotswolds

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