Annie is a qualified practitioner in Healing, NLP, Counselling, Hypnotherapy and EFT.
She holds a Diploma in Integrated techniques and the certificate of working with people with cancer from Bristol cancer care. She has also studied Meta Medicine.
She is a Master Trainer in EFT for EFT International and has been a healing tutor for the guild of healers and is a guest tutor on the healing accreditation diploma at the College of Psychic studies, London
She has worked in clinics, hospices and cancer care centres around the UK

Registered member of: CHO, EFTi , MBNLP

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I spent my 20s and early 30s working in book and magazine publishing.  When I was 30, my father was diagnosed with cancer; at the time I had just started a business called "Urban Bliss" that sent practitioners to homes and offices and one of my staff suggested he try a healer, which at the time seemed a bit weird to me, as I had no spiritual inclinations that I was aware of.  To cut a long story very short, after my fathers visit the healer he visited kept calling me to go and visit her, which I was not that keen to do, she eventually persuaded me and when I visited her I had an experience I still can’t fully comprehend, but in that moment I found my true nature - and my vocation as a healer. and I have never turned back. (Mind you, it was terrifying at the time and I had no language or understanding for what was happening to me.) I have been working as a spiritual healer for the past 22 years. My friends and family would still say that I was the last person on earth they would expect to become a healer. 


Working as a healer with people who are dying, you recognise that serious illness brings to the surface urgent questions about spirituality and the deeper meaning of life. I was asking these questions myself: where is this healing energy coming from? I was having extraordinary results that I just could not understand. I had no spiritual background at all, so I had no point of reference to understand this work I had been catapulted into.  I had many of my questions answered by attending the College of Psychic Studies 2 Year healing accreditation. I went on to work in the College healing clinic and then onto work in many different cancer centres and hospices as a healer, and trained at Bristol Cancer Care.  I spent 15 years working as a healer with serious illness. I worked with an EFT practitioner in a cancer centre and was amazed at what a wonderful tool it was for the patients to take home and use on themselves when they needed it. I went on to train in EFT and took a Diploma in Integrated Techniques, which gave me practitioner status in NLP, EFT and Hypnotherapy.  I ended up combining all these modalities in my sessions . (I had also trained as a counsellor in my 20”s at Regents College in London, as I had always had an interest in Therapy.) 


I have since gone on to be a Master Trainer in EFT for EFT International, and have spent 6 years training EFT Practitioners. I have also been a healing tutor for the Guild of Healers who train healers going into Hospitals. I am presently a guest Tutor on the 2 Year Healing Accreditation at The College of Psychic Studies and am thrilled to be teaching at The College that changed my life. I am also doing a 7 week Chakra Course every week at The College, which is my own course which I have been teaching all over Europe for the past 7 years.  I have also been giving talks on EFT, Healing, The Chakras and Death and Dying, at various conferences, Soho Houses and most recently at Leicester University.  The talk I most recently did was on “Death and Dying” which was mostly from my research done on a book I am writing which has been 7 years in the planning.


"Annie and her team of guest tutors are some of the most knowledgable teachers I have found in the UK and Europe. Modest and unassuming  they create a space for you to find your own voice, to understand and be heard."

- Olivia Brown, Therapist



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William Meader is formally trained in the Esoteric Philosophy and has developed a reputation as a gifted communicator of its complexities. His talents as a presenter have resulted in his being one of the most influential and respected teachers of the Ageless Wisdom. He is an international presenter of a wide variety of esoteric topics to audiences in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand where he works to assist students in the development of their higher minds. He is the author of Shine Forth: The Soul’s Magical Destiny as well as many articles focusing on communicating his deep understanding of esoteric subjects.

William Shall Return to Teach

May 2021

Coral Sunone is a social catalyst for meditation and wellbeing, traveling most of the time since 2009. She has been trained in Burmese traditional meditation for five years, from 2004 to 2009. She considers herself a meditation practitioner who is in the process of understanding life, in the perspective of wisdom and love of living beings and mankind. 'To share what is shared to me, to give what is given to me' is a way I show my gratitude to all those who have come across my life! Her philosophy is that life is uncertain, imperfect and subject to dissatisfying, that is why it takes a lot of energy to be with it and to sort out a single skill. Those who are willing to surrender to life will get the life surrender to them.

James D'Angelo, PhD, author of The Healing Power of the Human Voice  and Seed Sounds for Tuning the Chakras and accomplished composer and musician, has been leading therapeutic sound courses in Europe and the USA since 1994. Considered a leading authority on sound healing, he has been an invited presenter at major conferences in the USA and is a regular contributer to the Caduceus Journal. www.soundspirit.co.uk