EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique is a fast and efficient technique which aims at returning the mind and body to a harmonious state so that we are free of negative emotions. It  involves tapping on various points of the body and saying certain words. It is like acupuncture without the needles, we tap with our fingers on various points on the body to release negative thoughts. We tap on the acupoints but we also say the words of whatever pain or negative emotion we are tapping out in order to clear it from the body and mind simultaneously. 

 It is a technique that can be taught quickly and is invaluable as a self help tool so that we can balance and remain free of unwanted emotions and pain. It is similar to talking therapy, but with a physical component that helps it go deeper and faster.


Studies have shown a 97% success rate in clinical trials.

EFT is used for a wide range of issues including:

  • Phobias

  • Anxiety

  • Physical Pain

  • Sleep problems

  • Post Traumatic Stress

  • Panic Attacks

  • Addictions

EFT combines stimulation of the ancient Chinese meridian energy system with modern Western talk therapy.

It begins with the assumption that the experience of negative emotions is the conscious awareness of disruptions in our subtle energy systems. EFT combines talking about a specific issue or emotion whilst tapping with the finger tips on key points on the body’s meridians to rebalance the energy.

Shifting energy changes the way our brains process information about a particular issue. So tapping while tuned in to the issue is like rewiring or re-routing the brain’s conditioned negative response. It changes both feelings and thinking.

Part of EFT’s appeal is that anyone can learn it and use it for themselves. Yet its simplicity is, in a sense, deceptive. For it lends itself both to this simple, effective self-help and to sophisticated depth work on complex issues with skilled and experienced therapists.

Therapists with no experience of EFT are often concerned that it does not provide insight. Those who use it frequently would argue exactly the opposite. It lends itself beautifully to reframes. Even better, once the emotional static has been removed from the system clients often make their own spontaneous reframes. It also lends itself to practitioners bringing to it the learning and skills they have from other places. NLP, hypnotic language, an understanding of reframing all particularly enrich EFT work.​​


EFT was founded by Gary Craig who devised three professional training levels for EFT. Whether you 

If you would like to watch EFT in use, then you can see videos of Gary Craig on YouTube, with Gary using EFT on a range of physical and emotional problems. 




Becoming An EFT Practitioner

You can either use EFT as a stand alone therapy or add it to your own therapy, you will find it will greatly enhance your own therapy as an add on. It can be added to most modalities including massage, counselling, hypnotherapy, healing, yoga or teaching. Annie has trained nurses, paramedics, teachers and prison officers, who have been adding the technique to their own profession or looking for a second career. This EFT training is an intensive course that involves three or four days of face to face of training within a group. EFT Level 1 is the first training you complete (if taught individually, this training occurs over 2 days) and EFT Level 2 is the second part of the training which is two consecutive days. These 2 parts can either be taken in three consecutive days (EFT1&2) or in two parts (EFT 1 over 2 Days). It is important to have read some books on EFT and listened to online videos before taking the training (if you contact Annie she will send you the links for the book and video suggestions) EFT Advanced which is also a 2 day training is for people who have already under taken Level 1 and 2 and received their practitioner status. Click Here to Read More About EFT 1

Who Should Attend these Courses?

Whether you want to be an EFT practitioner and build a business working with clients online or face to face or would like to become a trainer, as an EFT Master Trainer, my courses provide a pathway to all levels. My courses are suitable for you if you are a therapist who would like to build on your skills and toolkit to help clients more. Therapists in many fields have attended these courses including, hypnotherapist, psycho-hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioners, counselors, psychologists, Cognitive Behavioural Therapists, EMDR therapists, coaches, business coaches, Mindfulness teachers, reiki practitioners, yoga teachers, doctors, homeopaths, healers, social workers, addiction therapists, weight loss coaches, nurses, carers, energy therapists, teachers, paramedics, nutritionists, acupuncturists, Bowen therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, Crystal healers and many more within the helping professions. Many people attend these courses from all walks of life with the aim of becoming EFT therapists. People from diverse fields such as accountants, lawyers, police officers, fire officers, stay at home moms/dads, cleaners, pharmacists, actors, singers, shop assistants and many more. Although these courses train people to the standard required for becoming a therapist, many people attend for personal reasons, wanting to learn a powerful self-help technique for their own self-development and for helping their family and friends.

EFT 1 - An Introduction to EFT Overview

This is an introductory 2 day course geared for people learning EFT for themselves and for those who intend to go on to use EFT in their therapy practices. These days teaches EFT from scratch. At the end of the 2 days you will have learnt the technique completely and be able to use it on your friends and family. If you are already working as a practitioner you will have mastered the basics enough to be able to integrate it into your practice. Learn More About EFT 1 Here

EFT 2 - Practitioner Status Overview

On level two we will learn how you can clear inner patterns and self sabotaging beliefs that you may be holding. We will also learn how our physical issues have emotional contributors and vice versa and how to recognise and clear both physical and emotional issues as we start to gain mastery with EFT. We go into depth on techniques used to work with Trauma, PTSD, Pain, Serious illness, Phobias and addictions. We also go into the language used with EFT. We learn how to surrogate tap and how to do sessions over the telephone and Skype. We discuss, demonstrate and practice EFT so that by the end of the 2 days we are feeling confident to work on others and groups as well as having cleared many of our own triggers and issues. Level 1 & 2 Are now combined into 3 day courses as regulated by EFTinternational. Learn More about EFT 2 Here

EFT 3 - Advanced Practitioner Overview

This is an intensive two day training course that builds upon the knowledge gained in levels 1 and 2. Level 3 is geared toward helping students gain mastery in their ability to get results with EFT. It goes beyond the mechanical approaches taught at levels 1 and 2 and into intuitive EFT. Some of the techniques taught on this course I developed having worked as a healing tutor and coach for 20 years, I have combined my knowledge of healing, visualisation, chakras and working with serious illness. Learn More About EFT 3 Here


"Annie has taken me through my EFT practitioner training with so much care and attention. She has been really supportive and helpful all the way through my accreditation process.”

– Kate, Yoga Teacher


I took Annies EFT Practitioner Training at The College of Psychic Studies where I was training as a healer and have found I have been able to merge the two modalities into my practice with Annies help. I am now working in a cancer centre using the EFT and Healing.

– Lisa, Healer


I really enjoyed the training at Annie’s beautiful centre in the Cotswolds, there were like minded people on the training, we have all kept in touch and done our practise sessions together.

– Guillaume, Hypnotherapist