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Annie is a qualified practitioner in Healing, NLP, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, EFT and Crystal Vibration therapy.


In her sessions she uses whatever is right for the client. Sometimes she uses EFT as a stand alone therapy if there is trauma, anxiety, depression, or a phobia. If there is a physiological response to the trauma EFT can be very effective to release the negative emotions from the body first.


If the client comes for serious illness (cancer) or physical pain Annie may just do an Energy healing session on a couch, using the help of the crystals. Usually she will use a combination of all the methods. She tends to tailor the treatment for the patient.


You can book your 1:1 session with Annie for either an in person session (Cirencester) or you can book in for an online session (Zoom). 

If this is your first appointment with Annie, please can you make sure that you book the longer 'First Appointment' as this will be an extended session to go through a consultation.

Annie Penny Biography:

Annie is a qualified practitioner in Healing, NLP, Counselling, Hypnotherapy and EFT. She holds a Diploma in Integrated techniques and the certificate of working with people with cancer from Bristol cancer care. She has also studied Meta Medicine. She is a Master Trainer in EFT for EFT International and has been a healing tutor for the guild of healers and is a guest tutor on the healing accreditation diploma at the College of Psychic studies, London. She has worked in clinics, hospices and cancer care centres around the UK.

Registered member of: CHO, EFTi, MBNLP.

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