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All EFT Courses are accredited by EFT International (Previously AAMET) with the exception of EFT 1 Day Workshops (excluding Supervision). Our healing courses count towards CPD (Continued Professional Development).



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Yoga Workshop at Sacred Earth Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th of June with Suresh Kumar

We have the honour of hosting Indian Yoga teacher Suresh Kumar for a 2 day Yoga workshop on Tuesday and Wednesday June 18th and 19th at Sacred Earth at Old Orchard, Kemble, GL7 6AF.



Suresh has been teaching yoga for over 23 years and is the Director and Founder of the Brahma school of yoga in Kovalem, Kerala. Prior to this he trained for several years with Gurus such as, Sadhguru Jasi Vadugev (Isha Yoga), Sri Sri Ravishankar (Art of Living), Swami Shanti Prasad (School of Shanti) amongst others. He also has a Postgraduate Diploma and Master’s in Yoga. It was after years of practice, education and dedication that Suresh felt he had something to share with the world, and this is when he started his school in Kerala. For more information on Suresh please go to

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The theme of the two day workshop will be: “Riding the Breath to Stillness”

How the process of breathing in and through the asanas can make the mind still. We will progress from moving the body and breath to a meditative state of mind in each class and more profoundly over the 2 day workshop.

These yoga asanas are often described as a love affair with your body.


  • The 2 day workshop will consist of a program of 2 sessions a day of 2 hours. 8 hours in total.

  • The workshop starts on Tuesday June 18th at 10.30am with a break for lunch at 12.30.The afternoon workshop will start at 2pm. This will be replicated on Wednesday.

  • The cost is £180 for the whole 2 day workshop of 8 x 2 hour sessions.

  • This will include coffee, tea and a snack at 9.30am, a delicious vegan lunch between 12.30 and 2pm and refreshments each day.

We live with our body, breathe mind and energy. Changing the quality of these will change our living.

Suresh would like to keep the class to a maximum of 10 people.


Please confirm your interest to We look forward to sharing this wonderful 2 days with you all

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