This Transformational 7 Day Course is for those who are interested in learning more about healing, energy and working towards self-undertanding.


The Chakras are our energy channels that make up what is known as our subtle body. The subtle body is a different realm to the physical body and mind but has a powerful impact on our entire system and well being.


The human body thrives when our chakras are functioning well and our life force energy flows though our system unimpeded but when our chakras are blocked or unbalanced we may be ill frequently or not feel ourselves. It is key to know how our energy system is working and how to balance it. If there is an imbalance in any of our chakras, it will affect the way we look at the world.


Throughout this course you will be given the tools to channel energy safely whilst balancing your own energy system and learning how to protect it.


 The Course Includes: 

- Chakra Questionnaires to acknowledge which chakras are out of balance

- Chakra Visualisations and Meditations

- Grounding , Attunement and Protection

- Different methods to clear and balance your energy system

- Learning about Crystals and how they can clear , energise, and protect your chakras

- How to use Emotional Freedom Technique to clear emotions and blocks

- Astrology Reading on the Solar Plexus (optional)

- Basics of Pendulum Dowsing to get answers

- Which illnesses relate to each chakra and why (Metaphysical Anatomy)

- Archetypes and The 7 Seven Rays

- Lucid Dreaming & Dream Interpretation

- Channeling healing, psychic protection

- Auras (the 7 levels, sensing and seeing)